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Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson(notes) is having a stellar year (12 touchdowns, 872 yards) for a lousy team. The Lions are at 2-10 and Johnson is tired of losing.

His rookie contract ends in 2012 and there is already a fear in Motor City that he'll be heading elsewhere when it does.

"Put it like this, if we turn this thing into a winner, I'm happy," Johnson said on his weekly radio appearance, according to the Detroit Free Press. "I've won 11 games since I've been here in four years. Losing definitely sucks and you definitely don't want to be around losing. You can't get used to that. I can't get used to it because I haven't come from that. I've been used to winning. And if this thing can't get turned around, man, like I said -- I'm just going to leave it."

Doesn't look good for the Lions.

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Source: Detroit Free Press

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