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Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter(notes) is making it pretty clear that he doesn't want to be back on the team's roster next year, especially if the plan is to have him playing part-time, according to the Miami Herald.

He apparently went on ESPN's Jim Rome Show yesterday to spread the word as well. You can bet this didn't set phones a-ringing in the Dolphins' front offices. After all, Porter will turn 33 soon and has $4.8 million coming to him this year in bonuses and salary. He did have nine sacks last year, but what team would want a guy who is making this kind of public display of wanting a trade?

In the end, Porter will get his wish. He'll certainly not be in the Dolphins' 2010 plans and will certainly be off the roster, but it remains to be seen what roster he actually fits on right now.

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Source: Miami Herald

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