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Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall(notes) arrived at the team's headquarters Friday, met with owner Pat Bowlen and left carrying packed boxes leading to speculation he has played his last game in Denver, according to the Denver Post.

While rehabilitating from hip surgery, Marshall doesn't want to be treated by the Broncos' medical staff if the team won't give him a new contract. Marshall sent that message both through his absence from the start of the Broncos' mandatory minicamp Friday morning and presumably during his meeting with Bowlen on Friday afternoon.
Bowlen could not be reached for comment. Marshall likely will be fined for each day he does not report to the three-day camp that ends Sunday, the Post reported.

"We'll do what the league rules allow us to do for a player that has missed a mandatory activity," McDaniels said. "The rest of that is really internal. I've spoken to him and his agent, and that's a decision that he's made."

Source: Denver Post

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