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Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress nearly pulled future Hall of Famer Brett Favre(notes) out of the game yesterday, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

The word is that Childress told Favre that he was taking him out in the third quarter when the team was only up 7-6. Favre, who is seemingly always looking to stick another tough-guy feather in his cap, let reporters know post-game, that he had simply refused to do it and kept right on playing.

The reason for the proposed yanking was, Favre told the paper, because Childress thought the old guy was taking too many hits.

Favre was apparently pretty steamed up about the whole thing after the game, so it's looking like this issue isn't done yet and Favre and Childress will continue to, um, discuss it. Or at least we'll all get to make a big deal out of it until Favre and Childress make nice publicly.

Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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