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There are plenty of folks in Philadelphia who really cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys and the team's star logo. And you can be certain that more than few of them are employees of the Philadelphia Eagles. And now we know for sure that one particular employee, Dave Spadaro, editor of, is so not fond of that star that he would spit on it.

Spadaro videotaped himself spitting on the star at Cowboys Stadium this past Sunday and then posted it to the site, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The video was pulled down yesterday and you can be sure Spadaro is in a boatload of trouble with his employer. "I did it all in fun and I've done it before with other teams in the spirit of the rivalry," Spadaro told the paper. "It's something I've been asked to do by Eagles fans. If I did something to offend somebody, I regret it. I meant no disrespect to the Cowboys organization or to their fans."

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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