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Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel(notes) is not happy.

Since the team signed cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha(notes) and traded quarterback Kevin Kolb(notes) to the Arizona Cardinals and received cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie(notes) in return, Samuel, who has 42 interceptions in his eight seasons, has been feeling a little territorial.

"If they're tired of my big-playmaking ability, maybe they'll ship me out," Samuel said, according to The site reports that the team may be ready to send Samuel packing. The Eagles have received calls from other teams inquiring about Samuel, reports, and the team is considering its next move.

"We are open and in fact engaged with conversation with people that are interested in acquiring one of our cornerback," Eagles president Joe Banner said, according to the site. "Teams that need a corner have inquired about the depth at the position and we're listening to them. In the end as we've tried to do in every situation, we'll make an evaluation as to what leaves us with the best team."

"I want to be where I'm wanted," Samuel said, the site reports. "If I'm wanted here, then here. If I'm not appreciated here, then life goes on, and I move on."

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