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It is seeming inevitable that Tony Sparano will eventually lose his head-coaching job with the winless Miami Dolphins at some point this season or just after it closes. Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole reports that the team has its "eyes ... on former Super Bowl-winning coaches Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden."

Cole also notes that a source says Cowher and Gruden "have quietly planted seeds that they would like to return to coaching and are more than open to listening to an offer from Miami owner Stephen Ross." Two sources tell Cole that "former Dolphins quarterback and current CBS studio analyst Dan Marino has been telling Dolphins management that Cowher, an analyst partner, is geared up for a return."

And Gruden apparently was in town for a Monday-night game at the start of the season and "told more than a few folks that he'll be ready to go next offseason," Cole reports.

Next up for the 0-6 Fins? The NFC East-leading New York Giants.

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Source: Yahoo! Sports

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