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Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant(notes) was thought by some to be worthy of being picked first overall in this year's NFL draft. Instead, he fell to No. 24 after he couldn't finish most of his final season with the Oklahoma State Cowboys due to an NCAA rule infraction, namely failing to fully disclose his interaction with former NFL player Deion Sanders to the NCAA. That cost him any chance he had at winning the Heisman Trophy as well.

Now he's with the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Morning News is saying that after "a month of ‘no-pads, no-contact faux football,'" Bryant has shown that he has the talent to be the rookie of the year this coming season.

But there is also a problem with Bryant, the paper reports. "Bryant, trying to get back into football condition, had difficulty staying on the field and running the proper routes."

He may be out of college, but Bryant apparently will need to hit the study room hard before the season gets underway.

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Source: Dallas Morning News

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