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Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne(notes), who has two years left on a six-year, $39 million contract, wants to renegotiate the deal. Wayne, 31, will get paid $5.47 million this year and $5.95 million next year.

Still, he would like to be in camp on time, though he didn't show up to any voluntary offseason workouts or the team's mandatory minicamp, according to the Indianapolis Star. 

"I want to be there on time but we're just going to do our part and let them do all the negotiations," he told the paper. "We done talked a little bit but it's just talk. That was it."

He may sit out camp, but it sounds like the four-time Pro Bowler isn't planning to sit out the season: "I play football. That's what I do," he told the paper. "I love the game. It goes deeper than contract talks; I like doing this. I ain't getting any younger and football is my passion."

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Source: Indianapolis Star

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