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San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson(notes), who went to the Pro Bowl last season, may be headed to another team, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The paper reports that the team has "made it known" that the man who scored nine touchdowns and had an average of 77.8 receiving yards per game is available via trade.

The Seattle Seahawks have expressed interest, the paper reports. The Washington Redskins are said to be interested, though it isn't clear if the Redskins have talked to the Chargers yet.

Why would the Chargers be dealing such a guy? The Union-Tribune reports that he wants a long-term deal that is slightly better than what Brandon Marshall(notes) got from his new team, the Miami Dolphins: four years and $47 million.

As Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner noted, "any NFL team would be doing itself a disservice to not at least inquire about the asking price on Jackson."

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Source: San Diego Union-TribuneYahoo! Sports

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