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Richard Seymour

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While the San Diego Chargers were generally complimentary of the New England Patriots following Sunday's victory, one notable exception was center Nick Hardwick, who went off on Patriots defensive end Richard Seymour in an expletive-laden tirade for alleged dirty play the Boston Herald reported.

“He’s cheap and dirty and the head man just let him get away with it the whole time,” Hardwick said. “They’ve got 10 great players on that team and when Jarvis Green comes on the field, they’ve got 11 great players who compete how you’re supposed to play. But Richard Seymour is the biggest (expletive) I’ve ever played.

“Head slapping, foot stomping in the pile, running by and throwing punches in your back,” Hardwick said. “He’s a (expletive). … There were a lot of things he did. There’s a field goal where he was stomping feet. Who stomps feet? And the officials weren’t doing anything about it. He plays like a punk.”

Source: Boston Herald

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