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Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin(notes) wasn't on the field for his team's overtime win against the Green Bay Packers last weekend due to a sprained ankle and knee he suffered the previous week, but he's saying that he's feeling pretty confident that he'll be back out there when the Cards take on the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, according to the Arizona Republic.

As it is now, Boldin can't practice but he thinks he'll have it together on Saturday to strap on some pads and put his body up for sacrifice once again.

Not to put words in the fella's mouth, but when asked if he was optimistic, Boldin said, "Definitely. After seeing improvement today I am."

Getting back on the field is apparently a 24/7 occupation for Boldin at this point: "My house looks like a training room right now," he said.

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Source: Arizona Republic

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