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New Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren and GM Tom Heckert both apparently want to ditch quarterbacks Brady Quinn(notes) and Derek Anderson(notes) and find somebody new to lead the charge offensively, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Even though the two quarterbacks both won two games at the end o the season in a surprising four-game winning streak, it doesn't appear to be enough for Holmgren to want them to be back at it next season. If a new starting quarterback does come aboard before next season, it'll be the seventh one the Browns have had in eight years.

The three main candidates to take over are Matt Hasselbeck(notes) of the Seattle Seahawks (though new coach Pete Carroll claims he's sticking with Hasselbeck), and the Philadelphia Eagles' Donovan McNabb(notes) and Kevin Kolb(notes). Heckert came over from the Eagles so he knows those situations first-hand and Holmgren has been living and working in Seattle or years so he knows what's shaking in those parts pretty well.

Other possibilities include A.J. Feeley(notes), Michael Vick(notes), Kellen Clemens(notes), Josh McCown(notes), and Trent Edwards(notes).

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Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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