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Brandon Marshall(notes) should be a happy man, right? He was acquitted last week of the misdemeanor battery charge (he supposedly had beaten up on his girlfriend in Atlanta last year). And his hip and hamstring are apparently feeling OK enough for him to suit up and practice on Sunday But there's one thing that is just burning this poor fella up. He's only going to make about $450,000 this year, according to FOXSports.

Marshall and his agent apparently got together with Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels yesterday to let him know that the wide receiver still wants a new contract extension or to be traded. The team reportedly has no plans to change his contract or trade him.

So Marshall didn't practice yesterday and may just hold out till something better comes along. Of course, that means a daily $15,888 fine, which could eat into his $450,000 pretty quickly.

Marshall apparently wants what Roddy White(notes) got from Atlanta Falcons: $48 million over six years. Don't we all, buddy. Don't we all.

Source: Twitter/ESPNFOXSports

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