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San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore(notes) really wants to sign a new deal with the San Francisco 49ers, but an offer has yet to come from the team. It must be confusing for the guy when GM Trent Baalke says things about how he'd like to pay Gore more than any other running back in the game, but then no offer follows.

Now ProFootballTalk reports that Baalke has added to the confusion by saying that the plan is to make Gore a "49er for life": "The best thing we can say," he said, "is we're doing everything we can to make Frank a 49er for life and whether that gets accomplished in the near future or not remains to be seen," Baalke told SiriusXM NFL Radio. "But Frank's a 49er. He's a heck of a football player, he's a heck of a young man, and he's a leader. You can't say enough good things about Frank."

PFT notes that Gore would like to be paid something similar to what the Carolina Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams(notes) is being paid: $43 million for five years with $21 million of that guaranteed.

The 29-year-old Gore ran for 853 yards and three touchdowns last year.

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Source: ProFootballTalk

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