Tom Brady

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 225
College: Michigan
Birth Place: San Mateo, California
Draft: 2000 6th round (33rd pick) by the
  • The Cheat Sheet

    Tom Brady: What He Has That Other NFL Players Don't

    No, we can’t feel bad for Tom Brady — not when the guy already has it so good. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this is ours: Suspension or not, few NFL players — if any — have it as good as Tom Brady. With Brady overcoming a four-game suspension to lead the Patriots to another Super Bowl victory, we expect his wrath to continue far beyond 2017.

  • Roger Goodell won’t like this Gisele Bündchen celebration
    New York Post

    Roger Goodell won’t like this Gisele Bündchen celebration

    Tom Brady may say and do all the right things when it comes to commissioner Roger Goodell, but his wife isn’t quite as good at hiding her emotions. After the Patriots defeated the Falcons in Super Bowl LI, Giselle Bündchen — in a just-discovered video — is shown celebrating the victory, then pointing excitedly to a shirt that depicts Goodell as a clown. Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports, the same media outlet that created the T-shirts, posted the video Friday morning. It’s the same shirt that Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was wearing when the team exited their return flight from Houston.

  • John Henry, Tom Werner focusing on 4th ring
    The Associated Press

    John Henry, Tom Werner focusing on 4th ring

    Boston Red Sox principal owner John Henry called it strange not to see David Ortiz at the team's first full-squad workout this year and knows only one achievement will satisfy the team's management, players and fans. ''We really are focused on that fourth ring like we were that first,'' Henry said Friday. Ortiz joined the Red Sox ahead of the 2003 season and retired last fall after helping the Red Sox win their first three World Series titles since 1918.