Brock Osweiler

Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 235
College: Arizona State
Birth Place: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Draft: 2012 2nd round (25th pick) by the
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    NFL Rumors: 8 Potential Landing Spots for Jimmy Garoppolo in 2017

    The New England Patriots took a lot of heat when they selected former Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round (No. 62 overall) of the 2014 NFL Draft. The Pats already had the greatest quarterback (and player) in the history of the NFL on their roster, and they were coming off of a loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game, which exposed several weaknesses. Now, almost three years later, the decision appeared to be yet another brilliant draft day move by the greatest coach in NFL history, Bill Belichick.

  • The case for Texans drafting QB Patrick Mahomes at No. 25
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    The case for Texans drafting QB Patrick Mahomes at No. 25

    One of the more divisive Houston sports arguments is the debate over what to do with the No. 25 overall pick. Opinions on which player to pick are widely divided. One player in particular draws out vocal opinions. Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes is someone many strongly advocate, while others want no part. I’m in the former camp, though I understand the trepidation of those opposed to taking Mahomes in the first round in Houston. He’s not ready to start in the NFL. Mahomes is coming from Kliff Kingsbury’s shotgun spread “air raid” offense. While the transition pains from that fast-paced offense to the NFL are often overplayed, it will require some adjustment to Bill O’Brien’s more run-centric

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    11 Worst Contracts in the NFL Today

    While we firmly believe that the players in the National Football League (as a whole) are underpaid, there are also instances where they stick it to their respective franchises, fiscally speaking. The reasoning behind each situation differs, but the following 11 players have the worst contracts in the NFL today. 1. Back in 2012, Joe Flacco bet on himself and won big.