Tim Tebow

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 245
College: Florida
Birth Place: Makati City, Philippines
Draft: 2010 1st round (25th pick) by the
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    5 Players Tim Tebow Is Trying to Compare Himself To

    Tim Tebow is making all kinds of news again, but not because of his religious beliefs, football abilities, or Skip Bayless’s obsession with him. Tebow, who hasn’t played organized baseball since he was in high school, has held workouts for teams in Major League Baseball in an effort to catch the attention of a minor league club and work his way toward a new career in a different professional sport. Tebow is a competitor at heart — and he wouldn’t be the first player to do it.

  • Florida Gators (and other gators), ranked
    Bucky's 5th Quarter

    Florida Gators (and other gators), ranked

    In honor of the Wisconsin Badgers’ Friday-night, Sweet 16 matchup against the Florida Gators, find below the definitive list of all-time Gators, ranked. 20. Cris Collinsworth 19. Billy Donovan 18. Baseball Tebow 17. Joakim Noah 16. Dancing with a Hippo Gator 15. United States Senator Marco “Lil’ Marco” Rubio 14. This alligator who rang someone’s doorbell 13. Professional Football Tebow 12. Erin Andrews 11. Lacoste 10. Professional Basketball Tebow [Picture pending] 9. Gatorade 8. The Head Ball Coach 7. Urban Meyer 6. The alligator who lost a fight to an animated Mr. T 5. Gators that can fly 4. Emmitt Smith 3. College Football Tebow 2. The Gator from Happy Gilmore 1. Burt Reynolds Honorable Mention:

  • 5 things I wish the Jaguars would realize
    Big Cat Country

    5 things I wish the Jaguars would realize

    The Jacksonville Jaguars will need a lot going into the 2017 NFL Draft -- pass rush, a running back or two, and some help along the offensive line. But what we're not talking about is knowledge. The Jaguars need knowledge... and lots of it. So, in the interest of giving the Jaguars what I think they need most, here are the five things I wish the Jaguars would realize before the draft. 1. Cam Robinson will be a great guard in the NFL I would be happy if we got him in the draft. I just wish that we were drafting later, as we'd be destroyed for drafting him at No. 4 overall. As fans of a losing team we care about that sort of stuff. 2. Ed McCaffrey Jr (Christian) will be the first running back taken