Maurice Jones-Drew’s diet & nutrition

Check with your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise program.

Elite Athlete Workouts host Summer Sanders sat down with Maurice Jones-Drew(notes) and his trainer Pete Bommarito for a look at what the NFL star eats and what kind of supplements he puts into his body.

Bommarito’s tailors the program for the athlete with pre-weighed box meals prepared fresh every day by in an in-house chef.

However, Jones-Drew has an unconventional pre-game meal on game-day.

The following information can be found on the Bommarito performance website and spells out the type of program offered to athletes like Maurice Jones-Drew.

Body Composition Testing Laboratory

Our laboratory provides the latest technology to make the most accurate and efficient assessment of an athlete. Our nutritional and anthropometric experts will produce the most detailed data possible to ensure the proper nutritional prescriptions.

• Bod Pod Analysis
• Hydrostatic (Underwater) Weighing
• Skin-fold measures, Girth measures, and Somatotyping

Nutritional Prescription Center

Our nutritional center will utilize the data from our testing laboratory to compile the nutritional assignments. The meal and recovery plans will also be based off of the athlete questionnaire that determines eating preferences, goals, food allergies, and metabolic type.

• Total energy expenditure, caloric, and macronutrient/micronutrient prescription.
• Individualized meal and snack plans.
• Nutritional Advisory Board from the leading, world-renowned scientists in the field.

Dining / Meal Delivery System

Team of Elite Performance Chefs direct the team of culinary experts that prepare and distribute the meals to all PC athletes. Each meal is prepared and precisely weighed based on the exact prescription from the nutritional team.

• 5-man team of performance chefs and dietetic experts.
• Each meal is prepared and weighed out to the exact ounce based off the individualized prescription.
• Delivery options to the player’s homes or to the training facility.

Nutrient Timing / Regeneration System

• Regeneration supplementation planning – pre- and post-training, recovery.
• Nutritional Regeneration Center provides the athlete with all of the individualized supplementation and hydration materials to optimize recovery.