Fan’s view: Terrell Owens’ wildest tweets of the 2011 NFL offseason

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Terrell Owens'(notes) offseason knee surgery severely impacts his prospects of signing an NFL contract this season. Due to the injury, Owens, 37, has been spending a lot of his free time on Twitter to keep his fans in the loop of his progress as he continues to recover. Here is a guide to Owens' top five wildest tweets this offseason.

Terrell Owens, Cincinnati Bengals
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Gay Marriage

On June 21, Owens retweeted an article by Jemele Hill that said "David Tyree has come out strongly against gay marriage.My column on why his controversial viewpoint must be accepted" Later in the day, one of Owens' fans questioned him as to why he was he promoting against gay marriage. Owens responded by tweeting "@new_asia I just thought it ws well written article, I'm cool either way but I kno wht the bible says." The statement, an almost off-handed response to the fan, can be interpreted either that Owens was backing up Hill's position or that he simply enjoyed her writing style.

On Playing for the Minnesota Vikings

On Aug. 10, a fan asked Owens in a tweet if he would ever consider playing for the Minnesota Vikings. Owens responded by tweeting "@_Keven_G u never know?" It appears that Owens would be open to exploring the possibility of playing for just about any NFL team willing to give him a chance on the field.

Cakes on a Plane

On July 30, Owens tweeted "I'm on this flt back to LA and I just had a chocolate chip cookie, gonna hv 2 work out now! Lol. Flt attdnts offered me ice cream too!" Just minutes later, Owens continued to joke about his health regimen by tweeting "I'm thinking about doing crunches in the aisle 2 work off that cookie I just ate!!" Owens is one of the most health concious athletes in the NFL, so these tweets were quite comical.

Schmoozing with the Stars

On Aug. 17, Owens tweeted "I just filmed a video 'Mario Lopez' @ The Grove In LA on #viddy" Owens continues to promote his work as a reality television star, which is controversial because he should be spending more time working on returning to the football field instead of schmoozing with Hollywood celebrities.

Defending his Fashion Sense

On Aug. 17, a fan tweeted to Owens that he saw him at the Grove in Los Angeles, California. He said that he believed Owens would get to one million followers on Twitter if he changed his fashion style. Owens responded to the fan by tweeting "@ImJulienCox my fashion style?? Whtchu talkin bout Willis??? Lol."

I am a Terrell Owens fan because he is one of the most engaging NFL athletes on Twitter. I enjoy that he uses social media networking to interact with his fans, as it provides us with a closer look into his unique life.

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Updated Thursday, Aug 18, 2011