Top four remaining NFL free agents: Fan’s view

When I started writing this article, Antonio Cromartie(notes) and Ahmad Bradshaw(notes) made the top five. By the end of the piece, both had already agreed to terms with their respective teams, which should give you a sense of how ferocious this NFL preseason free agent hurricane has been. Because of the lockout, it has featured a flurry of trades and free agent acquisitions that may have left you wondering, who's available and can my team still improve? The answer to the latter is a tentative yes. Even though the majority of talented players have been picked up, there are still some valuable NFL free agents left in the market.

Your team just better make a move before it's too late. And that means now.

Below you will find a list of the top four remaining NFL free agents:

4. LT Charlie Johnson(notes)

The 27-year-old, 6'4'' 300+ offensive tackle would be an asset to just about any team in the league. He was part of the Indianapolis Colts' Super Bowl team, but has remained in limbo this NFL free agency. News Sentinel's Reggie Hayes is reporting that Johnson may not fit under the salary cap for the Colts after the Peyton Manning(notes) extension. Effectively, the veteran tackle's destiny appears to be completely up in the air.

3. CB Carlos Rogers(notes)

Considered among the best cornerbacks in the game, Washington Redskin's CB is one of the top defensive players available among current NFL free agents. Frankly, the only reason he hasn't been signed yet is that Nmamdi Asomugha and Antonio Cromartie were both available this offseason. Now that the top two corners in the game are off the market, expect Rogers to be signed immediately. The Carolina Panthers are reportedly interested in Rogers, given that they must replace Richard Marshall(notes) who was signed by the Arizona Cardinals at the start of the free agency storm. Rogers has racked up over 250 tackles in his six-year NFL career.

2. TE Zach Miller

25-years-old. 6'5''-250+. An average of over 700 yards his last three seasons. Oakland Raider's tight end Zach Miller is a veritable beast. He was selected to the 2010 Pro Bowl and already ranks third all-time in receptions by a tight end in Raider history. And yet, interest in the human black hole has been lukewarm, at best. ESPN's John Clayton recently tweeted, "One of the most baffling things in free agency is why Raiders' TE Zach Miller isn't getting more action. Guy can catch the ball." I agree with Clayton wholeheartedly and because the Dolphins already have Brandon Marshall(notes) (but no reliable quarterback to throw a top-notch receiver the ball), I would say he's the most attractive option available among current NFL free agents. ESPN's Bill Williamson believes the silence surrounding Miller suggests that he'll probably be back in black next season. I hope he's wrong.

1. WR Braylon Edwards(notes)

The Jets' star wide receiver posted the best yards-after-catch average since his rookie season in 2010 and with a consistent passing QB is a threat to collect over 1000 receiving yards and ten touchdowns per season. That said, Edwards is looking for a 5-year, guaranteed contract, which should be hard to attain in this economy, even for the best player among remaining NFL free agents. He will likely have to settle for a one-year deal based on recent reports. Surprisingly, where he lands appears to be anyone's guess.

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Updated Tuesday, Aug 2, 2011