Deion Sanders’ career full of amazing highlights: Fan’s take

Deion Sanders invented the term "shutdown corner" when he took the position to a new level. Sanders had the ability to change the game at cornerback on a moment's notice. He was also a kick returner during his 14 years in the NFL, and his run backs were often electrifying as he ran up, down and sideways against opposing tacklers.

Here's a human highlight reel for 2011 Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders

Eight Pro Bowls

Sanders was voted to eight Pro Bowls out of nine years from 1991 to 1999. Sanders was one of the most consistent cornerbacks to play the game during his 13 years in the NFL. Even though he retired and came back to play again, he was still a valuable asset in a bench role for Baltimore.

Defensive Player of the Year, 1994

While playing for the San Francisco 49ers in 1994, Sanders was voted the NFL Defensive Player of the Year for his 303 interception return yards. Sanders had an uncanny knack of finding the end zone—of his six interceptions that year, he found pay dirt on half of them.

Kick Return Yards, 1992

In 1992, Sanders led the NFL in kick return yards with over 1,000 total. He scored two touchdowns, one of them a 99-yard kickoff return untouched into the end zone. This highlight video on YouTube shows many of the unorthodox, yet effective, returns Sanders had. In his playing days for the Atlanta Falcons, many of his teammates would lateral the ball to him because he had such great vision on the field and could turn nothing into something.

Back-to-Back Titles, 1995-1996

Sanders won two Super Bowls in a row with two different teams. The first would come in 1995 with San Francisco and then a year later with Dallas . Sanders didn't score in the big game, but was instrumental in leading both teams to the playoffs. Sanders was just past his prime at this point, but was still marketable for teams with his ability to disrupt the other team's offense and create plays out of nowhere on defense.

First Game, 1989

Deion Sanders started out his career properly. The first touchdown of the 1989 season for the Falcons was a 68 yard punt return for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams. It was the first professional punt return in Sanders' career and a harbinger of great things to come for the superstar. Atlanta lost the game and had a dismal season. But Sanders was regarded as a light showing the way to better things for fans in Georgia.

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Updated Wednesday, Jul 27, 2011