Top five reasons the Miami Dolphins should sign Brett Favre: A fan’s take

All it takes is a tweet and the Brett Favre(notes) saga continues. By now, it's staple of preseason football, tailgating for journalists. This time it was Michael Vick(notes) who started the mayhem by saying he'd be honored to have Favre as a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brett Favre at the time of the Christina Scavo/Shannon O'Toole scandal.
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Personally, I don't think backup is in Brett Favre's vocabulary.

If the 41 year old Favre comes out of retirement, again, you'd better believe he's going to start. Perhaps for the Miami Dolphins?

Save for a brief flash of Pennington, the Dolphins haven't had a quarterback better than an over-the-hump Brett Favre since Dan Marino retired.

Heck, they haven't been to a Super Bowl since I was just a few months old.

So, either the Dolphins haven't had the slightest clue about how to put a competitive football team on the field in almost thirty years or they're comfortable exploiting fans and prioritizing profits. Whatever the case may be, gambling on Favre and adding few more pieces like Reggie Bush(notes) and Plaxico Burress(notes) would excited fans about football again in Miami.

Below are the top five reasons the Miami Dolphins should sign Brett Favre:

5. Motivate/Mentor Chad Henne(notes)

Honestly, I'm not on the Chad Henne hope-bandwagon, but the Dolphins seem committed to his development. Why not bring in a proven champion and veteran quarterback who could mentor him and compete for a starting role. I've heard rumors that Favre wasn't a good mentor to Aaron Rodgers(notes). This provides a perfect opportunity for Favre redeem himself and help restore his image.

4. Maximize Brandon Marshall(notes)

What good is having a premier receiver if you don't have someone who can throw him a bomb?

Bringing in Brett Favre and some gambles like Randy Moss(notes) and Plaxico Burress could make the Dolphins more dangerous than they've ever been in the pray to win 9 to 7 era. The Dolphins have piggybacked off their defense for far too long and hoped that they could win by running the ball and kicking field goals.

It's the most boring brand of football imaginable and it's not working.

3. Attract Free Agents

Money is usually enough to attract free agents in any league, but signing Brett Favre could at least create the facade the Dolphins are interested in winning now. That image would make it more likely for veterans to sign for less with the Fins and make players like Reggie Bush intrigued about the possibility of taking their talents to South Beach.

2. Best QB since Marino

You don't need to be have all your QB ratings for the last 15 years memorized to realize the Dolphins have been deficient at the quarterback position for an eternity. Jay Fiedler. A.J. Feeley(notes). Gus Frerotte(notes). Bizarro Daunte Culpepper(notes). Cleo Lemon(notes). Chad Henne.

Sad, I know.

The fact that a washed up Brett Favre would represent an upgrade at QB for the Miami Dolphins at any point since the late '90s (except for Chad Pennington(notes) in 2008) is about as pathetic as it is telling.

If Favre could just have a season somewhere between last year's catastrophe and 2009's miracle, the Dolphins might even make the playoffs.

1. Dolphins Owe Miami Fans

Miami is a football town. Simply put, nothing packs stadiums down here like the Fins or the Canes. Meanwhile, the Florida Marlins have won two World Series and the Miami Heat won an NBA title and then signed the two best players in basketball and another star to contend for the next five years.

And still, neither can generate the amount of fervor that the Fins do with little to show for it.

Yeah, yeah, I know that about the '72 Dolphins and that successes of the '70s, but seriously, that's like Greeks that gloat about their contributions to Western civilization in a conversation about modern American supremacy.

It's important, but how about some accomplishments after the birth of Christ?

If you're a Dolphins' fan born after 1980 or are tired of living in the past, you'll understand what I mean. We're demoralized.

At least give us something to be excited about. Even if it fails, adding Brett Favre would show the fanbase that the Dolphins care about making the product on the field entertaining.

After all, they've practically assured us that making it competitive isn't a priority.

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Updated Monday, Jul 25, 2011