Top five commercials featuring NFL stars

NFL players love to make money and lots of it. Some have been more successful at making endorsements and commercials that have a wide-ranging appeal. Here's my take on some of the best commercials NFL stars have made over their careers.

Bo Jackson

Two-sport wonder Bo Jackson played running back for the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders for four years in the late 1980s until he got hurt. He made use of his fame by filming a hilarious commercial for Nike . In it, Jackson meets several of his "multiple personalities" including a soccer player, horse racer, Indy car driver and a surfer. The looks Jackson gives himself throughout the commercial are priceless.

Split the Uprights

Chip Lohmiller of the Washington Redskins and Pete Stoyanovich of the Miami Dolphins were involved in a friendly wager over McDonald's food on the football field in 1993. They both bet each other whoever missed the first field goal concedes the meal. After some wacky attempts to split the uprights, it gets downright extreme as no one misses. In the middle of the commercial, Michael Jordan steps in and says "These guys are good," an homage to a commercial he starred in with Larry Bird.

McDLT Meets the Fridge

McDonald's wanted to market its new McDLT sandwich and it used members of the Super Bowl-winning Chicago Bears to do so. Star of the commercial was William "The Refrigerator" Perry who downed the large sandwich in two bites. Pay attention to the old-style Styrofoam food containers McDonald's used to have before they became more environmentally friendly.

Giant Tony Romo(notes)

In a commercial that looks like a distorted NFL football game, a giant Tony Romo talks about how Pepsi Lemon works for him. He swats way all of his opponents on the field as he is twice the size of everyone else. That is, until an opposing player on the Philadelphia Eagles has the same idea.

Emmitt Smith Retirement Home

Emmitt Smith knew he was getting older and found time to retire after a storied career as the NFL's best running back. He made fun of his own age as he made money endorsing Just for Men products at the NFL Running Back Retirement Home . Two sports commentators come in the home to interview Smith as to why he retired. But then he uses the hair coloring stuff on his gray beard and suddenly he's back in the game. The point is that the product apparently makes you feel young enough to get back into the NFL.

William Browning is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs after latching on to the team during the lean years of St. Louis football. Born in the gateway city, he is also a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. He currently resides in Branson, Mo.

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Updated Thursday, Jul 7, 2011