Eagles might look at Reggie Bush: Fan reaction

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I've been hearing rumors since the day the team lost to the Green Bay Packers to end their season. The Eagles have been linked to virtually every free agent out there, and some players who aren't free agents. The latest name to pop up in rumors is Reggie Bush. Once regarded as the most explosive player in college football, the NFL hasn't been as kind to Bush. Of course, he is still a talented player. If the circumstances are right, signing him would be a good move.

The Eagles are already loaded at the skill positions. DeSean Jackson(notes), Jeremy Maclin(notes), and LeSean McCoy(notes) are stars. Brent Celek(notes) is a great tight end, and Jason Avant(notes) is another receiving threat. So it is a little surprising to see so many rumors about skill position players when the Eagles have so many other needs, particularly on defense. But I'd much rather have Bush than Plaxico Burress(notes). Bush could be a solid threat out of the backfield to run or catch. He could also return punts, something I'm hoping DeSean Jackson stops doing so that his injury risk is reduced. Bush hasn't been consistently great, but he has shown flashes. That's all the Eagles would need.

The contract would need to be right though. The Eagles would be foolish to invest money in Bush, especially with Jackson due for a raise and the needs in other areas. But if he can be had for a bargain, he'd be another solid threat on offense. Opposing defenses are going to have a hard time planning when it comes time to face the Eagles.

I still want the team to spend in more important areas, especially on defense. That side of the ball is a major liability, and there are players out there who can help. The Eagles seem to be going for broke this year, so I understand signing Bush. I'm fine with that, just as long as there is plenty of money left over for the defense.

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Updated Friday, Jun 17, 2011