The top 10 Chicago Bears Father’s Day gifts

A brand new Chicago Bears jersey may just be the answer for Father's Day. Nothing says Happy Father's Day like a Jay Cutler(notes) jersey, or possibly a cool throw pillow for that couch your father tends to doze off in. Whatever the case, a Chicago Bears gift for Father's Day is the definite answer for any Bears fan.

With Father's Day approaching, here are the top 10 Chicago Bears Father's Day gifts:

10. Bears PEZ Dispenser from

Who doesn't like PEZ? Although dads may not feel the desire to carry this PEZ dispenser around, they can't argue that this is a crappy Father's Day present.

9. 1.75oz Shot Glass from :

Being a Bears fan is tough. Sometimes they're inconsistent and sometimes they look like a contender. This shot glass is the answer. Whether the Bears are playing well or not, having a couple of shots to throw down always calms your nerves. If anything, it could put your dad to sleep. Who wants to watch Cutler throw interceptions all day? Not my father.

8. 60oz Glass Pitcher from :

One thing I know about fathers is they don't like to get up a lot during the football game. Get your father this Bears pitcher so he can stay comfortable and, more importantly, not run out of beer.

7. Magnet Bottle Opener from :

For the father who goes through more bottles of beer than the local liquor store, this bottle opener always lets you know who the best team ever is. And it's magnetic so you don't lose it.

6. Bears Keg-A-Que Gas Grill from :

You want to be your father's favorite child? Two words: Bears grill. Sunday football, Bears game and grilling out. There's nothing better than that.

5. 1985 Super Bowl Shuffle Record from :

The Super Bowl Shuffle always gets me in the mood for Bears football. Make a new family tradition by playing this neat record before every game. However, if your father wants to be Walter Payton, let him. It's Father's Day!

4. The '‹Å"85 Bears Paperback book from :

Even though the current Bears have a great chance of bringing home another championship, fans can't deny the greatness of the 1985 Super Bowl Champions. Give your father another memory to hold onto with this book about the greatest season in Bears history.

3. Devin Hester(notes) Throwback Jersey from

It's not very often a football player is deemed the scariest threat on the field. Hester is that threat. Every father can relate to Hester because each father likes to believe he still holds that threatening demeanor over his children. Get your dad on your good side by giving him this jersey.

2. Jay Cutler Authentic Jersey from

There hasn't been excitement like this since the 1985 season. Cutler is a legitimate all-star and his jersey is the perfect gift for your arm chair quarterback father. Make him feel in control of the game.

1. Walter Payton 1975 Jersey from

You can't go wrong with a "sweetness" jersey. Payton is arguably the best running back ever and whether your father is a Bears fan or not, he will appreciate the gift.

An honorable mention gift is a football season. If you have any pull on this issue, fathers and fans would love to hear news regarding the upcoming NFL season. Let's make it happen.


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Updated Wednesday, May 25, 2011