Eagles’ first round trade history is mixed: Fan’s look

Speculation is swirling in Philadelphia that the Eagles might be trading their first round pick. The Eagles are slated to pick 23rd in the first round on April 28. The Eagles have needs at cornerback, offensive line, defensive line, and linebacker. There are a good number of players who could help them out that should be available, but if history is any indication, the team is likely to make a deal. The Eagles have made trades with their first round pick in six of the last eight seasons. While trading a pick in 2011 might work out, it is far from automatic. Here is a look at how the last six trades have gone for the Eagles.


The Eagles traded their first round pick (number 30 overall) along with a second round pick to the San Diego Chargers to move up to the 15th pick. They used that on Jerome McDougle(notes). McDougle was a major bust, never even starting a game. He was more noted for being shot off the field than he was for anything he did on it. Obviously, this trade was a big bust.


The Eagles traded their first round pick (number 28 overall) and their second round pick to the San Francisco 49ers. That moved them up to number 16, where they selected Shawn Andrews(notes). Andrews started out great in Philadelphia, reaching the Pro Bowl twice and becoming a solid starter. But bizarre issues off the field derailed his career before he wound up being released. The pick the Eagles traded wound up going to Carolina, who took Chris Gamble(notes). He is a guy they could have used.


The Eagles traded out of the first round with the Dallas Cowboys, getting a second round pick, third round pick and fifth round pick. Those picks turned out to be Kevin Kolb(notes), Stewart Bradley(notes), and CJ Gaddis(notes). Kolb had the look of a franchise quarterback, but the development of Michael Vick(notes) has made him a trade candidate. Either way, he should net a big return. Bradley seemed like he would be a solid linebacker, but he has had a tough time recovering from injuries. Gaddis never amounted to anything.


The Eagles traded their first round pick to Carolina in exchanged for a second rounder, fourth rounder, and first rounder in 2009. The eventually traded that second rounder for another second rounder, which became Trevor Laws(notes). Mike McGlynn(notes), a suitable center, also came in this trade. Meanwhile, the extra 2009 first rounder was traded to the Buffalo Bills for Jason Peters(notes), a Pro Bowl offensive lineman.


This trade was a big hit. The Eagles added a sixth round pick to move up two spots in the draft. They used the 19th pick on Jeremy Maclin(notes). Maclin has paired with DeSean Jackson(notes) to create one of the most feared receiving pairs in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns used the Eagles first round pick on Alex Mack(notes), who has become a good center.


The Eagles moved up in the first round pick to get Brandon Graham(notes), who played sparingly in his rookie year. The pick they traded was moved around before it eventually became Dez Bryant(notes) of the Dallas Cowboys. Bryant should be a capable receiver for years to come, while Graham still has a long way to go.

Whatever the Eagles decide in 2011, a trade is a slipper slope. Some years, trades become a disaster. Other years, you can wind up with several key players instead of just one. Whatever the Eagles decide in 2011 will depend on who is available and what they can get in return. I wouldn't expect them to move up at all, but trading down is a possibility.

* - I am a Philadelphia resident and have been a fan of the Eagles my entire life.

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Updated Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011