2011 NFL Playoffs power rankings from Yahoo! Contributor Network: End of season

Super Bowl XLV has come to an end and thus it's time for one final look at the season. These are the final power rankings for the 2010-11 NFL season.

Until a new CBA is in place, free agency and the draft mean very little. Nevertheless, end of season NFL power rankings cannot be put together without glimpsing into the future a little. Regardless of what's to come, there's no question that the Green Bay Packers have a bright future ahead.

32. Carolina Panthers : No Andrew Luck. No Jim Harbaugh. A work stoppage may not be all that bad for the Carolina fan base.

31. Cincinnati Bengals : Marvin Lewis is returning, Carson Palmer(notes) is unhappy and Ochocinco may be on his way to the Jets. It could be a long spring and summer for the Bengals.

30. Buffalo Bills : QB Ryan Fitzpatrick(notes) needs some help. He gets it during the offseason and the Bills could be a sleeper team in 2011.

29. Denver Broncos : The best thing the Broncos did this season was to rid themselves of Josh McDaniels. Who's looking forward to that epic Orton vs. Tebow quarterback controversy?

28. Tennessee Titans : The Titans begin the offseason without both Jeff Fisher and a real starting quarterback. Let the rebuild begin.

27. Arizona Cardinals : Another team that desperately needs a quarterback. At least the Cards have apologized to fans for sucking in 2010. That's a start.

26. Cleveland Browns : Here we go again. I guess it's not all bad for Cleveland, as the Browns appear to have a starting quarterback. Try to get the young man some wide receivers this spring, guys.

25. Washington Redskins : Things can't get any worse for the Redskins between now and September. Unfortunately, the Eagles, Cowboys and Giants may all be better next season.

24. Minnesota Vikings : A team almost guaranteed to experience addition by subtraction next fall. By the way, Cris Carter deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Just wanted to throw that out there.

23. Houston Texans : Despite protests from fans, head coach Gary Kubiak isn't going anywhere. I guess it's not his fault Houston's pass defense was laughably bad in 2010.

22. Miami Dolphins : One of the more disappointing teams of the 2010 NFL regular season. I'm still not convinced Brett Favre(notes) won't be Miami's quarterback next season. Stranger things have happened.

21. San Francisco 49ers : Can Jim Harbaugh make the Niners a championship team in under a year? A friend that's a San Fran fan is convinced the 49ers are going to throw the 2011 season just to get Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft. That's confidence.

20. Dallas Cowboys : Nobody is expecting the Cowboys to go 6-10 next season. Jason Garrett seems to be the right man for the job, but several changes are necessary for Dallas to hang with Philly and New York next season.

19. St. Louis Rams : Thoroughly convinced the Rams are a better team than Seattle but the Seahawks ended up winning the division, so…

18. Seattle Seahawks : "Of course Seattle beat New Orleans. Did you expect Pete Carroll to lose a Saturday football game when he's actually allowed to pay players?" Still think this is funny.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars : That three game losing streak to end the season still stings. You'd think 2011 is a "Playoffs or Bust" year for coach Jack Del Rio.

16. Detroit Lions : Guess I'll back off on the whole "2011 NFC North champs" talk. Still, expect more good things, even a winning record, from Detroit next season. Here's hoping Matt Stafford stays healthy for longer than a month.

15. Oakland Raiders : How does a team go undefeated in their division yet fail to make the playoffs? More importantly, where will Nnamdi Asomugha(notes) be playing next season?

14. New York Giants : I truly do believe Big Blue is a couple of players away from being a top five team. Now if only Antrel Rolle(notes) will keep his mouth shut.

13. San Diego Chargers : Somebody teach this team that winning in September actually is important. You'd like to think the league's best offense and defense statistically speaking will be a title contender in 2011.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : The Bucs are the same as the Chiefs, except Tampa Bay didn't qualify for the playoffs.

11. Kansas City Chiefs : Positive steps were made in 2010. As was proven in the playoffs, several more are needed if the Chiefs are going to compete with the best in the AFC.

10. Philadelphia Eagles : An interesting stat: QB Mike Vick, the MVP of the league for half the season, turned the ball over at least once in the team's last six games. Just sayin'.

9. Indianapolis Colts : The one-and-done performance in the playoffs doesn't take away from the fact that Indy survived both the injury bug and Peyton Manning's(notes) slump and won the division.

8. Chicago Bears : Fans believe the team's starting quarterback quit on the team during the NFC championship. That's how the offseason begins for the Bears. Yuck.

7. New Orleans Saints : Another injury-plagued team that still made the playoffs. New Orleans will again be a contender in 2011.

6. Atlanta Falcons : Were the Falcons really overrated or is Aaron Rodgers(notes) just that good? Probably a little of both.

5. Baltimore Ravens : The Ravens collapsed when it mattered the most. It cost them a chance at a championship.

4. New England Patriots : All those draft picks. The league's MVP at quarterback. The Patriots may very well be first in preseason power rankings.

3. New York Jets : Not your same old Jets, but making it to the conference championship game in three consecutive seasons is no easy task.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers : Pittsburgh made it to the Super Bowl despite playing without their starting QB for the first ¼ of the season. Losing to Green Bay hardly makes this season an unsuccessful one.

1. Green Bay Packers : This run to the title was no fluke. The champs, barring significant injuries, will enter the 2011 NFL preseason as the best team in the NFC, at least. Aaron Rodgers may require more belts one year from now.

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Updated Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011