KUBIAK review: A fantasy footballer’s best friend

Ever feel like you had a horrible fantasy football draft and couldn't recover, causing you to lose your league? Tired of being lost in mediocrity? You should look into KUBIAK. In the four leagues that I played during the 2010 season on Yahoo! I earned two first places, a third place, and a fifth place finish with the help of this system. Before that my finishes have ranged anywhere from fourth to dead last.

KUBIAK, named for current Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, who was a relatively obscure offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos in 2005 when this system was created, is an Excel spreadsheet which uses past performance and future projections to predict how well every player in the NFL will do in the upcoming fantasy football season. Using their advanced statistics and game charting data Football Outsiders gives the average fantasy football player a tool to help them with their draft for only $20 including unlimited update downloads.

KUBIAK is fully customizable to the specifications of whatever fantasy football scoring format a league uses. All of the point values, positions used, number of teams in the league, and just about any other sort of customization you might need can all be changed. The only statistics that the system doesn't take into account are the ones that are too random to predict such as recovered fumbles and blocked kicks. Any time there is any sort of change such as a player switching teams or replacing another player on the depth chart there are updates almost immediately making sure that all of the projections are as up to date as possible for every fantasy football draft.

When KUBIAK is opened the first tab has a list of instructions explaining how the system works and what to do with it. After that is a tab labeled scoring which is where all of the settings are customized. Once done entering the settings the Generate My KUBIAK button is pressed which updates the projected fantasy football score and reorders the list of players based on the settings entered.

On the projections tab is where the sortable list of players is found. By default the list is sorted based on fantasy points over baseline. The baseline is the projected amount of fantasy points that the last drafted starter of each position is projected to earn. (Example: the number 12 quarterback in a league that only starts one quarterback or the number 24 running back in a league that starts two running backs etc.) With it set up like this you can draft based on how much better a player is supposed to do compared to other starters at the same position rather than how each player compares to every other player regardless of position.

Other tabs include information on bye weeks for the teams and QB battles as well as how the players are ranked on other websites and systems. This helps in developing the draft strategy for your fantasy team.

Although KUBIAK is a very helpful system with a lot of good tools to help with a fantasy football draft, it is not perfect. One thing that most people notice is that if KUBIAK has a player ranked lower than other sources you might not want to mess with that player but if KUBIAK has a player ranked higher it does not necessarily mean that player will do that well. This is just a tool to help with a draft it is not meant to tell exactly who to draft and when. Football Outsiders even put a disclaimer on the instructions tab to ensure everybody is aware of that. The fantasy player will have to use their own scouting and common sense in conjunction with this system to have a truly successful draft. However this system does offer a different look at what is to come in the fantasy football season and can be a big help to anybody during their draft when used properly.


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Updated Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011