10 best college football coaching jobs

The 10 best college football coaching jobs in the country take into account tradition, fan base, endorsements and exposure among other factors. The best colleges for head coaching jobs are primarily in the states with the best climates. A head coaching job in California or Florida has the jump on the cold weather schools such as Notre Dame and Ohio State. The cold weather schools thrive on tradition and television exposure.

No. 1: Florida Gators

USC was always known as Tailback U but recently they have been called out as a quarterback factory which is far from true.
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The "Sunshine State" is in the middle of the hottest recruiting bed in college football. Florida is the best school to recruit Florida high school players to their campus due to proximity to the players homes and the warm weather climate of Florida. There is a reason Charlie Weis took the offensive coordinator job in Florida and left the NFL.

No. 2: Texas Longhorns

The Texas Longhorns have a long standing tradition as the number one college football school in the state of Texas. High school football is a religion in the state of Texas and the best players are expected to enroll with Texas every recruiting season. Mac Brown suffered through a down year in 2010 but he will rebound with the influx of talent heading his way this recruiting season.

No. 3: USC Trojans

The USC Trojans have suffered a few down years and they are under probation with the NCAA at the moment but they will still be stacked for years to come based on several key factors. One huge factor with USC is location.

The downtown location of USC leaves much to be desired. Travel towards the beach and the location is one of the best in college football. The celebrity factor around Los Angeles is also a huge factor in a town where celebrity status is garnered by non entities such as Paris Hilton and Kato Kaelin. The USC Trojans players are worshiped along side movie stars and reality television rejects.

No. 4: Alabama Crimson Tide

Nick Saban snatched up one of the best college football coaching jobs in the country when he jumped to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Saban's recruiting prowess is aided by the legendary status of the Alabama Crimson tide program. When Saban shows up in a recruits living room his job is half complete before he says a word. Alabama is a program spoke of with reverence in Alabama and all nearby states.

No. 5: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame was once the most sought after college football job in the country. It is quickly slipping out of the top ten as the school deals with the every day rigors of recruiting standards and the location of the school in a cold weather climate.

Brian Kelly(notes) is the current head coach and his record of 8-5 may be the best a Notre Dame football team can expect. The school is slowly slipping in recruiting and will soon fall out of the top ten as an elite college football coaching job.

No. 6: Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes are the powerhouse in the Big 10 and Jim Tressel is firmly entrenched in the job as head coach for years to come. When Tressel does eventually leave Columbus, the Ohio State job will be the most sought after coaching position in the country.

Ohio State and Tressel have overcome difficulties with their cold weather location and their Big 10 conference to create a winning atmosphere in the Midwest. The fan base of the Buckeyes is larger than the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns combined.

No. 7: Nebraska Cornhuskers

When it comes to a rabid fan base, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have to be mentioned in the top five. The city of Lincoln, Nebraska is focused on one thing year round, Nebraska Cornhusker football. The job is one of tremendous scrutiny but also of great reward for the right head coach.

For the Nebraska head football coach it is impossible to buy a meal or purchase any product within Lincoln city limits. Bo Pelini was mentioned in the Florida Gator head coach sweepstakes but there were never serious talks. Pelini has his work cut out for him recruiting outside of Nebraska but he owns the state when it comes to recruiting.

No. 8: Oklahoma Sooners

Bob Stoops is another tenured head coach that has his work cut out for him in the brutal recruiting wars that occur in Oklahoma and neighboring Texas. The storied Oklahoma program gives Stoops an edge in the recruiting department and his boosters help with some other recruiting necessities. When Stoops does decide to call it a career there will be a stampede to Norman, Oklahoma by some of the best head coaches in the country.

No. 9: Miami Hurricanes

The Miami Hurricanes program was once a legendary college power house in the '80s and '90s but faded at the beginning of the new century. Miami's loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2002 BCS Championship game signaled an impending decline in the Miami program and they have struggled to regain their reputation as an elite college football program.

The school is still within the hot bed of high school talent in Florida and they do grab their share of five star recruits but they have not been able to stack their roster from top to bottom with talented athletes. Miami is the one school on the list with the potential to rocket into the top five if their new head coach Al Golden gets off to a big start.

No. 10: Michigan Wolverines

When a school approaches several head coaches and receives little interest, it leads to the conclusion that the school is declining in interest among good college athletes and elite college head coaches. Michigan and Ohio are still fertile ground for some of the best high school talent in the country but Ohio State, Florida and Texas schools have been winning the recruiting battles of late in those two states.

Honorable mentions: Georgia, Tennessee, UCLA and Florida State and Wisconsin.

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Updated Monday, Jan 10, 2011