Tebowmania is Not Enough to Oust Mark Sanchez: A Fan’s View

Can Tebowmania oust Mark Sanchez as the New York Jets' starting quarterback? It worked in Denver, when Tim Tebow played for the Denver Broncos, but Denver is not New York. The starting quarterback for the New York Jets is Mark Sanchez, and so far, no one from the Jets organization is saying anything different. If you compare the numbers, it makes sense to start Mark Sanchez.

The stats

Let's start by comparing wins. Tim Tebow went 7-4, including a win against the Jets. Mark Sanchez went 8-8 and has brought New York to two AFC playoffs. Sanchez has more wins.

Mark Sanchez has a better completion percentage than Tim Tebow: Sanchez 56.7 percent to Tebow's 46.7 percent. Sanchez had his share of incompletions, but Tebow completes fewer. Again, the stats point to Sanchez as the quarterback.

Passing yards per game really shows where Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez differ. Sanchez has 217.1 yards per game and Tebow trails behind with 150 yards per game. Mark throws more and completes more passes than Tebow. Even if Rex pulls off returning to "ground and pound," Sanchez is still the better choice.

Comparing touchdowns to interceptions shows Sanchez with 26 touchdowns to 18 interceptions and Tebow with 11 touchdowns and six interceptions. Sanchez has thrown more than twice as many touchdowns than Tebow so of course he will have more interceptions. Tebow's stats are a little better than Sanchez's. However, when taking everything into account, Sanchez is still the better quarterback.


Will Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano cave into Tebowmania and give the fans the ability to choose the starting quarterback? Probably not. It was one thing for Nick Mangold to ask the fans to name his beard. It is another thing to allow the fan base to make player decisions.

Right now, Tim Tebow is one of the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL. As long as Mark Sanchez performs well, he should be the starting quarterback. If the Jets want to win games this season, they will have to choose a starter and stick with it.

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Lynda Altman grew up just outside of New York City. She has been a Jets fan all of her life and hopes they have a winning season in 2012. You can contact her @LdyJetsFan on Twitter.

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Updated Monday, Apr 9, 2012