Is Tim Tebow Too Much for the New York Jets? Fan Perspective

The New York Jets seem to be a little confused about what to do with QB Tim Tebow and the media circus that seems to follow him wherever he goes. Now, you think they would have been aware of this when they traded for him, but apparently they were living under a rock during the 2011 NFL season.

While many speculated that the Jets traded for Tebow because of the media attention and the attention it would bring to the team, their recent moves seem to show a bit of confusion when it comes to what to do with all the attention.

First, they schedule a press conference for his signing. As a backup QB, this was a little unheard of but it is Tim Tebow right? Well, the press conference was huge and even required Tebow to move to a location other than the normal room for press conferences. Everyone wanted to hear what Tebow had to say and the Jets set it up so he could say it. They took advantage of attention they knew he would bring.

However, reports from the New York Daily News are now saying that the Jets have decided to limit Tebow's outside endeavors. In other words, first they bring in all the media attention possible and then they slam the brakes on it. Almost like a "here he is, have at it" and then a "oh no, we were just kidding."

Now, QB Mark Sanchez already has a regular spot on "The Michael Kay Show" in New York. While there are already rumors about Tebow trying to beat out Sanchez for the starting QB position, are the Jets concerned Tebow would beat out Sanchez on the air too?

So, the Jets say they now want to limit Tebow's endeavors and media spots. Okay, I can understand that I guess.

Well, that is until we start talking about HBO's "Hard Knocks" series. According to reports, the Jets are in the running for a spot in this training-camp documentary show again and are just waiting for a formal invitation. So, was the Tebow signing just another way for the Jets to secure another spot on the show? I mean, the Jets already have enough drama for a show, but throw in Tebow and it becomes must-see television.

The Jets had to realize that with Tebow comes the media world. They may try to hold back, but the media will always find a way and I don't see Tebow dropping out of the headlines during the 2012 season, even if he is just a backup QB.

Deborah Braconnier is a former athlete and avid football fan. She is a freelance writer and Featured Contributor for the NFL and Olympics. She has followed the Denver Broncos since she was a child became a fan of Tim Tebow during his run as a QB for the Broncos. She looks forward to following his career with the New York Jets. Follow her on Twitter at @fwcdeborah.

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Updated Tuesday, Apr 3, 2012