Tim Tebow’s Top 5 Must-See Television Guest Spots

Tim Tebow has officially left the cold city of Denver for the bright lights of New York. He has several months before he plays in a New York Jets game. During that time he will get to know the team and culture that surrounds the city. With the new location, several opportunities have opened up for Tebow, including easy access to dozens of television shows.

QB Tim Tebow and WWE Superstar John Cena have a lot in common.
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The following five New York based shows could help introduce Tebow to the city, expose him to non-football fans and keep Tebowmania running strong as he grows into his role as quarterback for the Jets.

Jersey Shore

The Jersey nightlife has to be a lot different than Denver's and what better way to learn the ins and outs than with Snooki and the crew from MTV's "Jersey Shore." I'm sure Tebow wouldn't be punching any girls in the face, but he might become one of the biggest supporters of the "GTL" lifestyle.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Late night comedian Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to sports guests and during numerous spoofs he poked fun at Tebow himself with the David Bowie hybrid known as Tebowie. Fallon would show the lighter side of Tebow and could even compete with him in one of his hilarious challenges like a Madden NFL video game face-off.

Kourtney & Kim Take New York

Rumors surfaced weeks ago about Kim Kardashian possibly dating Tim Tebow and his move to New York could let the sparks fly even more. Setting them up on a "Blind Date" would draw huge ratings for the show and give fans a little insight into Tebow's secretive love life. A Tebow, Kardashian and Mark Sanchez love triangle would make things even more complicated on and off the field.

The View

Tim Tebow can easily shake off questions or handle press conferences, but how would he fare against the panel of ladies on "The View"? It would be interesting to see how Tebow handles off the cuff topics, debates and if his ideals match Elizabeth Hasselback. Too bad Rosie O'Donnell wasn't still on the show. Tebow is going to deal with a lot of New York fans and starting off with "The View" panel is a great way to used to it.

Saturday Night Live

Following in the footsteps of NFL stars like Peyton Manning and Tim Brady, Tim Tebow should show off his comedy chops on a live episode of "Saturday Night Live." Some topics may be off limits for Tebow, but it would be funny to see him imitate Peyton Manning, Rex Ryan and other sports figures.

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Updated Monday, Mar 26, 2012