Cleveland Fan: Tim Tebow to Browns Not an Absurd Idea

Hear me out, fellow Cleveland Browns fans, before you automatically dismiss those "Tim Tebow to Cleveland" rumors.

71 percent of individuals voting on a poll posted on the website on Monday are against the Browns acquiring current Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, who is about to be thanklessly shipped out of town once Peyton Manning puts pen to paper on a deal that will likely land the future Hall of Fame quarterback in Denver until the end of his career. 71 percent of voters don't believe that Tebow would help the Cleveland offense break that "14 points per game" threshold this fall. I'm not completely ready to throw in the towel on the Colt McCoy era, but, after watching the Browns fail to score time and time again last season, I'd be willing to consider just about anything.

3 thoughts on Tim Tebow joining the Cleveland Browns: The truth

Let's not kid ourselves here. Tim Tebow alone doesn't make the Browns playoff contenders anytime soon. With that said, the Cleveland front office isn't in any position where those running the show should be ignoring phone calls from any NFL franchise. All reports indicate that other NFL teams won't be knocking Denver's door down in an attempt to acquire Tebow. It would behoove the Browns to at least find out the asking price for Tebow before passing on the controversial QB.

Assume, just for funsies, that the Browns can get Tebow for two second-day draft picks. At that point, it becomes a "hey, why not?" decision for Mike Holmgren and company. The worst case scenario is that one of the worst offenses in the league last season acquires a QB that has proven he can beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a one-and-done game. Who is the last Cleveland QB who can make such a claim?

3 thoughts on Tim Tebow joining the Cleveland Browns: $$

Don't let that previously mentioned poll fool you. The majority of Cleveland football fans may be against a Tebow trade on March 19, but I guarantee you things will be different if the Browns were to make the move. The Cleveland Indians are slated to yet again have a "meh" season. The Cavs are, well, the Cavs. Any excitement regarding the Browns is a plus for the franchise. You can be sure the Tebow would be a merchandise seller in the area just days after the Browns made the move.

I know owner Randy Lerner isn't necessarily hurting for money. Still, I'd much prefer the Browns to have a more satisfied king sitting on the throne. Like it or not, Tebow sells jerseys, shirts and tickets, even more so than Josh Cribbs, Colt McCoy or any other player.

3 thoughts on Tim Tebow joining the Cleveland Browns: Fun

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Pro sports are supposed to be fun for fans. How much fun did you have, Cleveland fans, watching the Browns play in 2011? It's one thing to be a less-than-stellar team. It's another to be one that's nearly impossible to watch. The Browns were both last season.

Critics of Tim Tebow will tell you that the team's defense carried the Broncos to the postseason last year. Coincidentally, the Browns are hoping to have a similar defense this fall. Tebow is a quarterback who struggles to complete 50 percent of his passes, one that needs plenty of work to become just a good NFL quarterback. He's also one that produced wins time and time again last season. The Browns have a 9-23 record over the past two seasons. They're not winning a Super Bowl anytime in the next couple of years, Tebow or not. Don't you fellow Browns supporters want to have a little bit of fun in 2012?

Tebow, like McCoy, guarantees nothing for the Browns next season. For the right price, however, he's at least an interesting option, one that those running the franchise must consider. McCoy, Tebow and the right selections in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft could help provide the Browns with something they didn't have last season; an actual NFL offense, one that doesn't routinely put fans to sleep, and one that actually puts points on the scoreboard.

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Updated Monday, Mar 19, 2012