Five Teams Peyton Manning Could Win a Super Bowl With

There is no doubt that Peyton Manning will be the biggest free agent the NFL has seen in some time. Maybe ever. After careful consideration and much deliberation, I have compiled a list of the top five teams where Peyton Manning could go and win one more Super Bowl.

The five teams that Peyton Manning could help win a Super Bowl are as follows:

The New York Jets - Put Peyton behind center and the New York Jets will no doubt win a Super Bowl. They have the defense already in place. The Jets problem in 2011 was that they couldn't generate enough offense. Peyton could fix that little issue. Also, how cool would it be to have both Eli and Peyton in New York?

The Dallas Cowboys - I know that the Cowboys are invested in Tony Romo and there is really no feasible way this could happen. Imagine the possibilities though. Imagine Peyton throwing to Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. That's a scary thought. Dallas hasn't had a good QB since Troy Aikman. Peyton Manning could be the one to end the Cowboys Super Bowl drought.

The San Francisco 49ers - This is a total no brainer here. Forget Alex Smith. At least for a while. Put Manning behind center and watch what happens. The only thing that held San Fran back last year was their inability to generate enough TD's while inside the red zone. Add Peyton and that problem is solved.

The Washington Redskins - The Redskins have been searching for a QB since…since forever. Rex Grossman is obviously not the answer. Remember Mike Shanahan and John Elway? Wasn't Elway in his mid 30's before he won a Super Bowl? I'm just saying. This may be a good fit for both guys. I could see this relationship working out.

The Arizona Cardinals - It worked for Kurt Warner. He was on the downside of his career and look what he did. Peyton Manning and Larry Fitzgerald on the same team could be an unstoppable force. Fitz hasn't had a good QB throwing to him since Warner. I hate to see all that talent not being used to its potential. Fitz and Manning: Super Bowl.

Nobody knows where Peyton Manning will end up and I doubt that he knows either. But it's sure fun to speculate. It's gonna be a crazy next few weeks and I can't wait for all of the Manning drama to unfold.

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Updated Wednesday, Mar 7, 2012