Saints Signing Randy Moss Would Make Sense on Many Levels: Fan’s Opinion

Randy Moss

When I woke up this morning and heard that Randy Moss would be working out for the New Orleans Saints, I didn't think much of the news. There aren't many NFL fans around who dislike Moss more than me. I was convinced that as soon as I got home from work, I'd be writing an article criticizing the Saints for even considering signing Moss. (In fact, the title of this article was supposed to be 'Saints signing Moss would be a fate worse than bountygate.')

However, as the day wore on and I thought about the potential signing of Randy Moss by the New Orleans Saints, the move seemed to make more and more sense. In fact, Moss coming to New Orleans could potentially help the Saints in many ways, both on and off the field.


From squirting a referee with a water bottle to his infamous "I play when I want to play" quote, Randy Moss has been right up there with Terrell Owens over the years. Randy Moss also made a nuisance of himself in his second tenure with the Minnesota Vikings and barely registered on the NFL radar with the Tennessee Titans.

But consider this. Randy Moss did not choose to play with the Vikings and Titans. I'm not excusing an NFL player for pouting and being a bad citizen. However, Moss clearly preferred the winning attitude of the New England Patriots. As a member of the Saints, Randy Moss would have chosen to play in New Orleans, so he should be happy here.

The only source I know of with knowledge of Randy Moss' work out with the New Orleans Saints is Jay Glazer. Reportedly, Glazer claims that Moss' workout in New Orleans was incredible. This tells me that not only does Randy Moss still have a lot left, but his effort shows that he really wants to play for the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints salary cap

The New Orleans Saints as an organization are reeling in early March. From the bounty scandal to placing the franchise tag on Drew Brees, Saints fans are experiencing emotions that have been dormant since before Katrina. However, the Saints signing Randy Moss can start a domino effect of positive steps financially for New Orleans.

First, because of his age and baggage, Randy Moss is not going to demand a high salary. In fact, New Orleans may be able to sign Moss to a one-year contract under $1 million. This move would allow the Saints to bring a quality WR to New Orleans for far less money than Marques Colston or Robert Meachem would demand.

I'm not saying Randy Moss is better than Colston. But if he's happy and playing hard, I think he's better than Meachem. Randy Moss plus Colston or Meachem still gives Drew Brees weapons at WR in New Orleans.

Speaking of Brees, signing Randy Moss could also bring the New Orleans Saints closer to signing their franchise QB to a long-term contract. As Saints GM, Mickey Loomis has rarely dropped the ball. While everyone in New Orleans has been criticizing Loomis' handling of the Brees negotiations, we have to remember the process isn't over.

Also, New Orleans has freed up close to $5 million more dollars by restructuring Will Smith's contract. That move, in conjunction with adding Randy Moss instead of re-signing Colston or Meachem, would save the Saints even more money that should be earmarked for Brees. This could be the first good news for the New Orleans Saints in a while.

Patrick Michael lives in New Orleans and has always been a big fan of the New Orleans Saints. Patrick's favorite Saints season was 2009 when New Orleans won Super Bowl 44.


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Updated Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012