49ers Put Franchise Tag on Goldson: Fan Reaction

The San Francisco 49ers already signed linebacker Ahmad Brooks to a six-year contract extension worth $44.5 million dollars - that includes all roster and signing bonuses. That one move helped further solidify the 49ers' defense for the coming years. GM Trent Baalke had made a good move in the estimation of many, but he certainly was far from done.

So, on March 2, the 49ers announced that they would place the franchise tag on safety Dashon Goldson. In tagging Goldson, the 49ers have ensured that they will at least have more time to get some long-term talks going. The tag will earn Goldson $6.2 million and should another team offer Goldson a contract this offseason, the 49ers will have an opportunity to match it. If the 49ers do not wish to match it and Goldson decides to sign with another team, then the 49ers would receive two first round draft picks as compensation.

Goldson had his best year in the NFL with the 49ers in 2011, amassing 67 tackles, six interceptions, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, and nine passes defensed, all on the way to his first Pro Bowl nomination. Not to mention, the endless number of hits he unloaded on receivers during the year.

With Goldson and Brooks coming back on defense this year, the team can now begin to look at other key positions of need - including cornerback and wide receiver. Using the tag on Goldson also means something for Carlos Rogers; it makes his future with the 49ers a little more uncertain.

Overall, I love this move by the 49ers. Some articles I've read accused Goldson of being reckless and having cost the 49ers on certain plays during the year - namely the two near interceptions in the NFC Championship Game.

I just want to say that the way Goldson plays the game is not reckless. He is an absolute ball hawk like some of the best safeties in the game. The plays in the NFC Championship game were not a result of his recklessness, but rather of his desire to make the play. Besides, both players were focused on the ball at each moment in time and the collisions were completely incidental.

If he hadn't played that way all year, who knows what plays he may not have made to help the 49ers. You can't fault him for two instances that were isolated to that one game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember him being involved in any other collisions such as those unless the player was on the opposite team and Goldson was targeting that player.

I am glad to see that Trent Baalke is taking his crowning as "Executive of the Year for 2011" seriously. If you're a 49er fan, this offseason is shaping up to be a good one so far. I am excited to see who they bring in via the draft and what free agents the 49ers can acquire.

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Updated Friday, Mar 2, 2012