Why I Would Take Peyton Manning in Atlanta: Fan’s Take

Before I start to get hate mail from fellow Atlanta Falcons fans, let me first state that I am one of the biggest Matt Ryan fans out there. That being said, with Peyton Manning now a free agent, I would give almost anything for the Falcons to make the move to bring in the former four-time MVP. While that is a highly unlikely situation and it would force Ryan, a four-year professional out of Atlanta, it might be worth the risk.

Ryan has had one of the most successful four-year periods to start a career of all-time. He has gone 43-19 as a starter and has led the Falcons to a record above .500 in all four seasons; marking the first time in their history this could be said. To date, he has thrown for 14,238 yards with 95 touchdowns and 46 interceptions. Compared to Manning, who threw for 16,418 yards, 111 touchdowns and 81 interceptions, Ryan is ahead of the game, but has seen his most problems in the postseason.

In three postseason games, Ryan has failed to surpass 200 yards passing each time (584 total yards) with just three touchdowns and four interceptions. While it isn't completely his fault that the team has struggled so terribly in the postseason, as the quarterback, it is expected that the blame fall on his shoulders.

It's not to say that Ryan could never lead the Falcons to a title, but if you could bring in a former MVP who still has three or four more seasons left, why wouldn't you? Manning has the talent, knowledge and ability to turn normally minor offensive weapons into stars. If the Falcons brought in Manning and re-signed Harry Douglas, he could be the next Pierre Garcon.

As I said, I don't see any chance of Manning wearing the black and red uniform before his career is over, he might be the better choice right now, neck problem and all, to bring a title to Atlanta.

When the news breaks that Manning signs with an AFC team and the Falcons continue their run with Ryan, I'll be the first to put my No. 2 jersey on again and cheer for another playoff run.

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Updated Wednesday, Mar 7, 2012