5 Things the New York Giants Must Do During Free Agency: A Fan’s Take

As a die-hard New York Giants fan, I'm still relishing in the fact that my Giants are the Super Bowl champs. However, with free agency set to begin on March 13, it's time to start making some moves that will help Big Blue repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Here are five things the Giants must do during the free agency period:

Extend Osi Umenyiora's contract - Bottom line: Pay the man. Lock him up and give him what he wants. He's worth it. I dig that the Giants may not have a ton of wiggle room under the cap, but signing Osi should be priority number one. He's one of the best DEs in the league, and he deserves to get paid like one.

Re-sign Mario Manningham - Manningham will be one of New York's 21 unrestricted free agents in March. That makes me sad. I really hope the Giants can get this guy re-signed. I know he could have a bigger role on another team, but the Giants' WR depth is not very impressive. After Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, there's really nobody else.

Re-sign Terrell Thomas - He was hurt all of last season, but this guy is an integral part of what the Giants want to do on defense. Add him to the mix with what New York has now, and I know New York's defense would be significantly better. Maybe best in the league. Yeah, Thomas makes that much of a difference.

Give Victor Cruz a new contract - This really should be priority number two behind extending Umenyiora's deal. Cruz was nothing short of fantastic this past year. All he did was catch the ball and leave defenders in his dust. This guy is a must-have, especially if Manningham leaves. No way can the Giants afford Cruz to be a holdout.

Find another TE - I like Jake Ballard. I do. But he's coming off of ACL surgery and that's a scary thing. How good will he be after? If I'm not mistaken, Joel Dreessen of the Houston Texans is going to be a free agent. Why not go after him? He had a solid year, and I think that he would be a great addition to the Giants.

I know that it's a tough thing to repeat as Super Bowl champs, and I know that free agency can be a wild beast. But if the Giants want to defend their crown and build a nice little franchise, these five things will surely give them a head start.


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Updated Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012