Former Raiders Coach Hue Jackson Hired by Bengals: Fan Perspective

Once you're part of the Raider Nation, you're part of it for life. Oakland Raiders fans like me were pleased to hear former Coach Hue Jackson landed a new gig, he's back with the Cincinnati Bengals as an assistant coach.

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In the NFL, I think no matter what happens, life goes on. When a head coach is fired, he needs to shake it off and make his next move, not just sit around and debate what he could have done better or differently. Such is the case with former Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson. After a disappointing season, with the team finishing 8-8 and missing the AFC playoffs, Head coach Hue Jackson was fired in early January. The move was made by new GM Reggie McKenzie after Jackson was at the helm for just one season, something typical for the team. I just don't think they gave Jackson enough time to make an impact, but in the high pressure world of pro football, it's all about results. Jackson couldn't deliver, so he needed to be replaced.

The move marks a return to Cincinnati for Coach Jackson as he worked there from 2004-2006 before coming to the Raiders. In his new position as an assistant coach, Jackson will apparently help with the secondary and special teams, while working closely with the Bengals' position coaches for those areas, Mark Carrier and Darrin Simmons.

Jackson played football at the University of the Pacific and his coaching career began there in 1987. He moved up to the NCAA and was the offensive coordinator and QB coach at USC, where he worked with Carson Palmer. He moved up to the NFL in 2001 when he joined the Washington Redskins.

I think he was a good coach with the Raiders but lacked that superstar quality and also lacked the ability to win championships. A coach needs to be a leader and I always saw Coach Jackson as more of an assistant, than a head coach. Just watching his press conferences made me think he wasn't the right guy for the job. He didn't inspire confidence with me, and I don't think he inspired enough of it in his players.

Hue Jackson did some great things for the team, I do think he was a key part of bringing Carson Palmer to the Raiders, who I think will prove to be one of the team's greatest quarterbacks. I think he had a great season, and will be even more effective in 2012 after having time to learn the systems.

Although born and raised with Eagles fans in Philadelphia, Freddy Sherman has always been a citizen of Raider Nation at heart. Since his dad got him a signed George Blanda football as child, to meeting Lyle Alzado in the 1980s, he hasn't looked back. Follow him on twitter @thefredsherman

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Updated Friday, Feb 17, 2012