10 NFL Quarterbacks in the NFL Today that Are Better Than Tony Romo: Fan’s Opinion

According to statistics Tony Romo is one of the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL today. Want to know what I think? I think that stats are for losers and I think that there are 10 quarterbacks playing in the league today that are better than Romo. For the record I'm not just saying this just because I'm a New York Giants fan. I'm speaking truth here.

10. Michael Vick - As a Giants fan this pains me deeply to put Vick on this list. But he is better. I'd take Vick over Romo any day. Dog killing and all.

9. Joe Flacco - He's not going to blow you away with stats, but the guy can win playoff games. How many has Romo won? Oh yeah, just the one.

8. Cam Newton - I'm all in on Cam. I'd take him over Romo in a New York minute. Cam is bigger, stronger and more mobile. I'm not ready to trade Eli for him, but I'd surely consider it.

7. Matthew Stafford - Again, this is a no-brainer. You bet I'd take Stafford over Romo if I were building a team today. He's got a cannon arm and his players actually respond to him.

6. Matt Ryan - This is just too easy. Matty Ice has potential. Again, if I were building a franchise I'd for sure take Ryan over Romo despite Matty Ice having not won a playoff game yet.

5. Ben Roethlisberger - Big Ben has two Super Bowl rings. Tony Romo has zero. Ben is a flat out baller and has intangibles that Romo can only dream about. Ben can win the big game. He's proved it. Romo, eh, not so much.

4. Aaron Rodgers - Rodgers has a ring and is one of the best quarterbacks in the league today. There is no logical explanation on why you would take Romo over Rodgers. If you have one I'll gladly hear it.

3. Tom Brady - No need to write anything else here. The name is enough. I'm not a fan of Brady, but he does have multiple rings. By the way, my Giants own him and the New England Patriots.

2. Drew Brees - Under the word leader in the dictionary it says, 'see him.' I'm not a New Orleans Saints fan at all but I totally respect Brees. The guy is a model example of what a NFL quarterback should be.

1. Eli Manning - What? Did you expect someone different? I am a Giants fan after all and of course I'm biased. I'll admit that. But you can't argue here. The heroic fourth quarter comebacks, the two game winning Super Bowl drives—what can I say? Eli wins. Pure and simple.

There you have it sports fans. 10 quarterbacks that are better than Tony Romo. I could've named 15 but I'll stop here. No need to rub it in further. Go ahead, get all fired up and say what you want. I'm 100% dead on with this list. Like it or not.


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Updated Thursday, Feb 16, 2012