Top Five Team Disappointments of the 2011 NFL Season: Fan’s Opinion

With the good come the bad, and there were definitely a few disappointments this year during the 2011 football season. Here are the top five most disappointing teams from the 2011 NFL season.

San Diego Chargers - With all of the coaching changes going on, somehow Norv Turner is still employed by the San Diego Chargers as their head coach. Now it's never cool for someone to lose their job, but Norv shouldn't be the head coach in San Diego. Now offensive coordinator, that's where he is at his best. Some poor decision making by Philip Rivers led to 20 interceptions and an 8-8 record by the Chargers, leaving them out of the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles finished the 2011 season strong, going 4-0 to end the year. Sadly for them and their fans that came after they were already sitting at 4-8. The "Dream Team" (Thanks a lot Vince Young) never seemed to get it all together until it was too late. If they can keep the momentum going into 2012, they should be able to find themselves back in the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys - Another NFC East team here, the Cowboys seemed to give games away as well as the division title. After seemingly running away with the division, the Cowboys sat at 7-4 with five games left. They went 1-4 over that final stretch and were completely blown out by the New York Giants with their season on the line on New Year's Day. They just seem to not have the ability to win big games.

New York Jets - The Jets had played in the last two AFC Championship games, but this year they were just another team that fell apart at the end of the season. The Jets finished the year at 8-8 but not before they were 8-5 and in possession of a wildcard spot before they lost their last three games and miss the playoffs. Over that stretch, quarterback Mark Sanchez threw five touchdowns compared to a horrific seven interceptions. That's not going to get it done.

Chicago Bears - Ok, this one gets an asterisk due to injuries, but they still had lofty expectations for the season. Besides, the Houston Texans had injuries as well, and they still did OK. A year removed from playing in the NFC Championship game, they were good enough to at least make the playoffs, but injuries to starting quarterback Jay Cutler and running back Matt Forte did them in. The Bears started off 7-3 before going on a five game losing streak and eventually finished 8-8.

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Updated Monday, Jan 30, 2012