Five Jokes About the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots will face the New York Giants in the Super Bowl on February 5, 2012. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan I don't have any love lost on either team. I am familiar with a lot of jokes about both teams. When it comes to the Patriots there are some good ones. Here is a look at the best funny but clean jokes about the Patriots.

Why doesn't Connecticut have an NFL team? Because then Massachusetts would want one.

Obviously this is a joke that has been around for a while. Before the Patriots became a dynasty in the 2000s and they were mostly a laughingstock. This is a good joke that pokes fun at those Patriots teams that couldn't win more than a couple of games in a season.

What does Bill Belichick ask for every Christmas? A new camera.

This dates back to the infamous Spygate scandal that plagued the Patriots. For a brief while the Patriots were criticized for taping other teams as they prepared for games. Some called the whole dynasty into question. Of course, New England has done just fine since the videotaping scandal broke.

What do Patriots players do to get attention in Boston? Go to a Red Sox game.

This joke pokes fun at the old notion that the Red Sox are the undisputed kings of Boston. It is no secret that the Red Sox are first in the hearts of Boston fans. However, it is a good sports town. Still, the Patriots will always look up to the Red Sox.

How do you know when the Patriots start cheating? When you see them take the field.

This is another Spygate joke. There were a lot of them after the scandal first broke. At the end of the day the Spygate scandal was pretty overblown. Still, it gave fans of other teams reason to make fun of the Patriots. After all, every NFL team gets that treatment from fans in other areas.

Why was Bill Belichick disappointed he won the Coach of the Year award? He wanted an Oscar.

This is a good one about the Spygate scandal. Once again Belichick is tied to taping other teams as they practice. This joke suggests he took great pride in that and that is why it works so well. It's probably the best Spygate joke.

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Updated Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012