Giants Success Adds to Eagles Pain: A Fan’s View

The Philadelphia Eagles have to be kicking themselves. How could the New York Giants be in the Super Bowl? This is a team that the Eagles beat on the road with Vince Young under center. This is a team that lost twice to the Washington Redskins. The Giants looked like anything but a title contender through most of the season. Both the Eagles and Giants got hot near the end of the year. As it turns out, the Giants got hotter. As an Eagles fan, I would have never guessed that the Giants would be in the Super Bowl. The fact they are there is more than a little upsetting.

First of all, I don't want to sound bitter. The Giants deserve to be in the Super Bowl. They got hot when it mattered most. They faced five elimination games in a row and won all of them. Their quarterback, Eli Manning, looks more solid than a string of quarterbacks that put up bigger numbers. They rode an impressive defensive performance to an upset of the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round. They made the plays they needed to beat the San Francisco 49ers. In the end, they earned their spot. I can't take that away from them.

Of course, I'm not happy at all about this turn of events. In fact, I'm even more annoyed than I already was at the Eagles for their rough 2011 season. I can think of a dozen things that could have been different. If any of those things happened, the Giants wouldn't have been in the playoffs. Maybe Jeremy Maclin doesn't fumble against the 49ers. Maybe Juqua Parker doesn't jump offsides against the Buffalo Bills. Maybe DeSean Jackson shows up on time for a team meeting and isn't suspended against the Arizona Cardinals. There were so many things that went the wrong way for the Eagles. As a result, the Giants are in line for their second championship in five years. The Eagles are home watching.

That is football so there's no point in complaining too much about it. Every other team can point to one wrong bounce and say it made the difference. In the end, the Giants played their best football at the right time. The football gods smiled on them a little more than they did the Eagles this time around. I just hope they stop smiling. I can't stomach another Giants championship.

* - Mark Paul is a Philadelphia resident and Eagles fan. Follow him on Twitter.

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Updated Monday, Jan 23, 2012