Bradying is Becoming the Next Tebowing: NFL Fan View

After Tebowing, Bradying is becoming the latest trend. Disappointed by the New England Patriots loss to the New York Giants at the Super Bowl, Tom Brady sat on the ground with his head bowed. Now, his pose is being copied around the nation, and Bradying is quickly becoming a craze.

Tom Brady
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The simplicity of Bradying is helping this trend spread through social media. His clenched hands, bowed head and extended legs are easy to copy for fans searching for a replacement to planking. Bradying already has an official website that promises to document fans copying the latest trend.

This may be the perfect opportunity for Tom Brady to shift the focus away from Gisele Bundchen's profanity filled rant. Her response to the Patriots' loss has been heavily criticized by fans and other players. Brandon Jacobs, a running back for the New York Giants, has said that she needs "to be cute and shut up" instead of discussing the game.

Is Tebowing Over?

Have fans permanently abandoned Tebowing for Bradying? The comments that have been posted on a recent picture of Bradying in action seem to indicate that people are ready to try something new. Tim Tebow's trend may be beginning to fade. Along with the usual comments of support and hate for the New England Patriots, the responses reveal that some fans feel it is better than Tebowing.

How Bradying Began

There have been conflicting reports on who began Bradying after the Super Bowl. However, most sources seem to indicate that the trend started with a series of pictures posted on Boxden. The post included a compilation of photos that showed people Bradying in the office and at home. Now, the latest trend is spreading through social media posts as more people attempt to copy the famous pose.

Despite the media attention, the Patriots and Tom Brady have remained silent about Bradying. However, there is one celebrity who seemed to have started a discussion on Bradying before it became a trend. In Jan. 2012, Donnie Wahlberg used his official Twitter account to post about Tom Brady and encouraged Bradying instead of Tebowing. It seems that Wahlberg's wish may finally become true.

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Updated Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012