Jeff Fisher Made the Right Decision to Coach the Rams: Fan’s Reaction

On Friday, Jan. 13, ESPN reported that Jeff Fisher has chosen to coach the St. Louis Rams instead of the Miami Dolphins. Fisher takes over a club that finished the 2011 season with a 2-14 mark.

I'm surprised Fisher chose the Rams. Miami has all the luxuries a head coach could want, and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was willing to spend millions of dollars to get him there. However, the more I think about it, the more I believe the Rams are the right choice for him.

The Rams already have a franchise quarterback in place. I don't want to hear how Sam Bradford isn't the guy to lead this team onto the football field. Just one year ago, Bradford was a rising star, and now there are fans everywhere calling him a failure. That doesn't make sense. There's no way Bradford went from franchise quarterback to wasted draft pick in one year. Once the Rams solidify the offensive line and draft a playmaker or two, Bradford will become the quarterback I expect him to be.

The team also has a solid core of players on the defense. James Laurinaitis, Chris Long and Quintin Mikell are three excellent defenders that Fisher can build around. Fisher's defenses are known for being hard-nosed and physical, and all three of those players bring those elements to the table every game.

Most importantly, Fisher is going to have a hand in who the Rams hire as general manager. The Dolphins wanted to keep Jeff Ireland in command of the team's personal, which I don't understand at all. Ireland has been inconsistent at best while in charge of the Dolphins. If Fisher would have chosen Miami, then he would have had less input on player decisions while working with a questionable GM. Since the Rams are hiring a GM with Fisher in mind, it works out best for the team and the new head coach.

Believe it or not, the Rams aren't far away from competing again in the NFC West. They have plenty of salary coming off the books in the next two seasons, and the team has the number two pick in the draft. I honestly believe the Rams will either select Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon or trade down for more picks. If the team weighs its offers carefully, I think there's a good chance the Rams can get Blackmon and a bounty of picks.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons for Fisher to join the Rams, and I'm glad to have him. He brings stability and experience to a team that hasn't had those attributes in years. I truly believe today's hiring marks a new era in the St. Louis Rams franchise.

Derek Ciapala has been a Rams fan since he was a child and the team was in Los Angeles. His favorite Rams moments include Flipper Anderson's 336-yard receiving night against the Saints in 1989, and their miracle 1999 run to their first Super Bowl victory. You can follow him on Twitter @dciapala.

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Updated Friday, Jan 13, 2012