Seattle Seahawks Should Look at Luke Kuechly in 2012 NFL Draft: A Fan’s Take

The Seattle Seahawks will select either No. 11 or No. 12 in the 2012 NFL Draft, and one of the prospects that the team should take a hard look at comes from the Boston College defense. Junior linebacker Luke Kuechly could provide added support against the run and give the Seahawks another impressive weapon on the defensive side of the ball. With the expectation that there is no chance at getting either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in the first round, the Seahawks need to look in a different direction before pursuing a quarterback in the later rounds.

Kuechly has been putting up great statistics for Boston College over the last three years in the ACC. In the 2011 college football season, Kuechly played in 12 games for the Eagles, posting an astounding 191 total tackles over that span of games. That's an unbelievably high numbers of tackles, but it also shows how well he is able to get to the ball no matter where he begins the play. In 2010 he had 183 total tackles, showing that his numbers aren't just a fluke.

In a Week 10 game against Florida State, Kuechly had 20 total tackles (12 solo) that really put him on my personal radar. It wasn't his high for the season, as he did have 23 back in Week 3 of the season, but those numbers came against a very weak Duke football team. It was still a great number, but takes a hit due to the competition that was on the field. In addition to his tackles, Kuechly also had three interceptions on the year, including one that he returned 45 yards for a touchdown in the last game of the season (against the Miami Hurricanes).

I am interested in seeing what type of 40-yard dash speed Kuechly can post at the 2012 NFL Combine, but I am pretty impressive by his statistics and size so far. Kuechly comes in at 6-3 and 237 pounds according to his Boston College measurements, but we all know those could change a bit when the officials measure him at the NFL Combine. He does seem like the perfect linebacker to help stuff the run for the Seahawks in 2012 though, and that he would complement the players already on the roster very well.

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*Ryan Christopher DeVault is a lifelong fan of the Seattle Seahawks that continues to hold out hope that the team is heading in the right direction with a new coach, a weak NFC West, and some great young players on defense.

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Updated Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012