Super Bowl XLVI Party Supplies: Plastic Ware and Big Screen TVs Among Essentials

Hosting a Super Bowl party consists of careful planning and execution to make sure the guests enjoy themselves and the big game at the same time. Shopping for the party could become an overwhelming task, but there are 10 essential items you need to make the party a success. With these items, you can ensure a memorable Super Bowl party year after year.

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Super Bowl XLVI Plastic Ware

There's nothing worse then enjoying a day of football and then having to deal with a sink full of dirty dishes. Choosing Super Bowl XLVI plastic ware will provide a themed party idea and save hours of cleanup. Do not worry about overbuying on the plastic ware, because it can easily be used for future meals or gatherings. offers a Super Bowl XLVI Party Pack Plus for $25.99 that includes enough plates, plastic ware and accessories to accommodate up to 16 party guests. The set comes with balloons and other decorations that matches the plastic ware.

NFL Football Shaped Napkins

Protect your from chicken wing sauce, hamburger toppings and accidental drink spillage with NFL football shaped napkins. The napkin's smaller size makes it a great instant coaster. offers a 16 pack of the napkins for $1.66.

NFL Snack Helmets

Who serves chips in a plain bowl anymore? Hold chips, dip and even a side of veggies in an NFL Snack Helmet. Show appreciation to your favorite NFL team by selecting their specific helmet. This purchase will cover the Super Bowl XLVI party and can be used year-round for everyday snacks. Sideline MVP offers every NFL team for $49.95.

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT30 50" Plasma TV

If you're going all out for a Super Bowl party, then you have to put the majority of the focus on a television. The 50 inch Panasonic VIERA Plasma television is an investment at $1,200.00, but it will last for multiple Super Bowl events and has 3D built-in to boot.

Bubba Inflatable Football Player

Helium balloons on the mailbox is so Super Bowl XLV. Show your neighborhood and traveling guests where the best party is at with a Bubba Inflatable Football Player. Standing over five feet tall, the inflatable comes in every NFL team and features a player in a three point stance. sells different varieties of the Bubba for $128.00

Folding Chairs

The NFL players in the Super Bowl are having a workout, but that doesn't mean your party guests should deal with the same thing. Purchasing extra folding chairs is insurance that every guest will have a place to chill out. Folding Chairs 4 Less offers a variety of chairs in prices ranging from $8 to $30 each.

Battle Grid Game Mat

The Battle Grid Game Mat from Amazon ($17.98) is intended for RPG players, but it is perfect for a Super Bowl party pool. Use the included dry-erase markers to fill in names on the pool and then assign numbers on the grid. Use the pool during the game to see which numbers won and award prizes.

Deluxe Mini Burger Set

Don't spend all your time at the grill flipping individual burgers when you can flip 9 mini burgers at a time. The set ($24.95) comes with a mini burger press and bun cutter for easy serving.

NFL Party Cubes

Ice is a hassle. It melts, condensation gets everywhere and there's never enough. Use the NFL Party Cubes ($14.99) to keep drinks cool and add team support at the same time. offers every NFL team and sells them in sets of four.

Touchdown Pro Cutting Board

Cut cheese, veggies and meat in style with the football shaped Touchdown Pro Cutting Board. The solid wood board ($30.00) features NFL team emblems on the top and most of the NFL teams can be found on

Alan Donahue is a lifelong NFL fan. He has written hundreds of sports articles and hosted multiple Super Bowl parties.

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Updated Thursday, Jan 12, 2012