Charger Fans React to Norv Turner Decision: Fan’s Perspective

The San Diego Chargers started out the season 4-1 and fans were optimistic as to where the season was headed. Unfortunately, that was short lived when a six game losing streak hit. Calls for the removal of Chargers coach Norv Turner grew louder and louder. Despite finishing the remaining games of the season at 4-1, the 8-8 record had fans sure that Turner would be out as soon as the last game was over.

However, Chargers president Dean Spanos had other ideas and announced on January 3rd that Turner and general manager A.J. Smith would be returning for another season. He believes that there is a good team in place and the players are willing to work for Turner. Keeping the team intact is their best chance for a winning season.

Of course this news did not sit well with many fans. Twitter, Facebook and radio talk shows were alive with angry fans threatening to cancel their season tickets. I have been following various social media outlets and the coverage and reaction to this story and wanted to share some of the top comments.

Eric Stangel, head writer and executive producer of the "Late Show with David Letterman" sent out a tweet stating, "After retaining Norv Turner, the #NFL in compliance with new concussion rules orders Dean Spanos to have head examined." Given the high profile concussion of Kris Dielman this season and the changes the NFL has proposed for dealing with player concussions, this tweet seemed to hit the mark.

On ESPN, Kurt Snibbe posted his cartoon caption contest on January 4th with a picture or Norv Turner in his office hanging a new 2012 calendar. The caption bubble comes up from two people walking past the doorway. The winning caption for the contest was submitted by commenter picklepunk21 and says, "Look at all the money we save on Gatorade showers."

Other random tweets on Twitter include one from @FauxJohnMaddenFaux that stated, "BREAKING - Cats impressed with amount of lives Norv Turner has."

"The #firenorv movement in SD is out of control. Saw a non-sports store in mall selling "FIRE NORV" shirts. Brutal." This tweet came from @HispSportsProsHispSportsProfession.

And apparently fans are working to gather a group this weekend to protest the fact that Turner is staying with the team. This tweet came from @Fire_Norv who said, "Ok, who can be at Chargers Park Friday or Saturday, with signs and etc? Retweet this! #FireNorv #FireAJ @sdutChargers @MartyCaswel"

But, for the most creative expression of frustration from a fan, I have to go with a YouTube video posted by user bajabret60 and titled "Hitler Reacts to Chargers." The clip is scenes from the movie "Valkyrie" with subtitles. My favorite segment has to be, "How am I going to wear a Chargers jersey outside this town? Aww crap! The writings on the wall! I'll be wearing a Tebow jersey for sure! We might as well start 'Tebowing' right now."

Deborah Braconnier is a former athlete and medical professional. She is a freelance writer and Featured Contributor for the NFL and Olympics. She was born in San Diego and has followed the Chargers since she was a child and can usually be found yelling at the television during football season. Follow her on Twitter at @fwcdeborah.

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Updated Thursday, Jan 5, 2012