10 Weird Kim Kardashian Sports References

While Kim Kardashian is often in the sports headlines, is there a pro athlete side to her?

We have all heard about Kardashian in reference to sports through her relationships with New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush and New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries. However, what about the fact that we will likely never see Kardashian inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Thankfully, the extremely public side of Kardashian has exposed more than a few bizarre athletic moments. Altogether, they explain why she has maintained a strange presence in sports news—outside of her athletic romances.

Kim has an academic sports reference

Oddly, Kardashian is mentioned in peer reviewed academic works. Why exactly is the University of Pennsylvania talking about Kardashian and sports? As it turns out, in the book "Fair Or Foul: Sports and Criminal Behavior in the United States," author Christopher Kudlac cites ESPN's Sportscenter coverage of the breakup between Reggie Bush and Kardashian to be a tell-tale sign of the society we live in.

In Kudlac's opinion, "In a world where professional athletes' break-ups are news, it is no wonder that any criminal transgression receives intense media coverage."

The Kardashian bad sports omen

When it comes to superstition in the world of sports betting, there is a negative light that shines on team players when they start dating celebrities. For this reason, when Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin started seeing Kardashian, fans were nervous about his performance.

It was exaggerated to the point that online odds-makers decided to make a bet on the Austin-Kardashian romance. As it turns out, sports spectators only gave their relationship a five percent chance of ending in a wedding proposal.

Oddly combining red carpets and sports

For Kardashian, her celebrity status helps to shine a light on the charities she supports. Among her interests are disaster relief, grief support, homelessness, refugees, and sports. Anyhow, most of her public appearances that support sports are focused on the arrivals end of the red carpet. Over the years, she has attended strange events such as Arby's Action Sport Awards Show and Maxim Celebrates The Biggest Event In Extreme Sports.

A socialite running through the streets

Interestingly, over the past two years, Shape Magazine has collected a number of tips from Kardashian about physical fitness. While Kardashian is not a star athlete, she is known for her knock-out physical health. After gracing the cover of Shape in 2010, Kardashian was documented getting ready for her wedding to Kris Humphries with the help of Heidi Klum.

Most celebrities are typically limited to a higly secured gym, but this sweating socialite appeared jogging in public around the streets of New York City in 2011.

Sporting a bizarre workout style

In December 2010, Kardashian randomly started wearing cornrows to the gym. Many journalists buzzed over whether the hair-do was New Year's Eve related, but no conclusion was ever reached.

Shortly thereafter, she added to her strange workout style by sporting odd footwear. During the 2011 Super Bowl, Skechers Shape-Ups were championed by Kardashian. In the commercial, she minces around a gym all while toying with a personal trainer. In the end, she declares that she does not need a trainer any longer because she has her trainer shoes instead.

Three ways Kardashian gets a black eye

If you loved watching Kardashian with Carmen Electra in the 2008 "Disaster Movie," there are two other chances to see her boxing. For anyone that needs a daily fix of seeing Kardashian in the ring, there is the EA Sports video game called "Facebreaker."

In addition, Kardashian threw on a pair of boxing gloves in order to raise money for her favorite charity called The Dream Foundation. Strangely, during the event, her brother Rob was given a concussion and Kardashian's opponent gave her a black eye. On her blog, Kim jokingly implied that the Kardashian's were happy to take punches for the Dream Foundation.

NASCAR meets Kim's perfume

In today's NASCAR advertising, we are accustomed to Viagra, GoDaddy, and other odd-fellows emblazoned on the exterior of race cars. Nonetheless, Kardashian raised more than a few eyebrows when she sponsored Mike Bliss' #36 Car. Across the back of Bliss' vehicle was an advertisement by Sephora and Kardashian for her perfume.

There are many sponsors that do not take center stage after decorating NASCAR vehicles, but that was not the case for Kardashian. Instead, she was also a co-grand marshal at the Feb., 2010 Las Vegas NASCAR rally. Oddly, during the event, the computerized caution lights malfunctioned and caused them to switch over to the manual system halfway through the race. All of this caused #48 Jimmie Johnson to speculate if Kardashian was secretly in the control tower punching the wrong buttons.

Sports added in attempted creative ambitions

Naturally, the Kardashian's mother is married to an athlete and the Kardashian women are known for dating pros. For this reason, we should not be surprised to find sports and romance intertwined in the 2011 Kardashian-authored book called "The Dollhouse."

For example, one of the male characters named Chase flips through the sports page during the course of this drama. As a description of heaven, the Kardashians pen that Chase and Kamille were spending all of their time drinking champagne, eating takeout, making love, and watching the game. Of course, Kamille wonders "… how she had gotten so lucky. Chase was gorgeous, kind, and thoughtful [sic] and a famous athlete."

Will Kim be an ongoing abnormal sports fixture?

A consistent Kardashian claim to fame has involved a bizarre gossip quip in connection to an athlete. Regardless, due to her lack of team affiliation we can conclude that it is weird that Kardashian graces the front page of so many sports publications when she is not a pro. After all, few breakups between athletes and their celebrity love interests take up so much room on the sports page as those involving her.

In any case, Kardashian's strong track record thus far proves that her popularity is far from over. More than likely, she will keep the torch burning for many more weird sports headlines to come.

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Updated Thursday, Jan 5, 2012